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Did Fido Have an Accident?

Hide it with pet stain removal in Missoula, MT & Florence, MT

Any pet owner knows that accidents happen. From hairball hacking to failing at potty training, cats and dogs can leave behind all kinds of messes. Your furry friend might make a mess or two, but you don't have to live with the stains for the next few years. Green Clean Carpet Machine offers thorough pet stain removal in Missoula, Montana & Florence, Montana. We can fully eliminate visible stains and stubborn odors using a combination of three top-quality products.

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Don't ignore pet stains

When you need a pet stain removal service, you can rely on our team. Our combination of specially formulated products removes stains completely. Our first soap uses a specific enzyme to target and eliminate biological stains. Meanwhile, our oxidizer fades the appearance of urine stains. Any remaining odor is removed using a Pet Free agent. Your space will look and smell like new once we're done.

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