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Your Bathroom and Kitchen Should Sparkle

Discover the benefits of tile cleaning in Missoula, MT & Florence, MT

You may think that mopping your tile flooring makes it clean. However, mopping usually just moves dirt and germs around, allowing them to build up in your corners and grout. Green Clean Carpet Machine provides a better solution. We perform thorough tile cleaning in Missoula, Montana & Florence, Montana. Using a nontoxic, biodegradable soap and top-of-the-line equipment, we'll eliminate dirt and germs from your flooring.

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Stained grout is a bad sign

Are your grout lines black or brown? Grout is supposed to be white, but traditional mopping can push dirt and grime into these spaces. Your grout will begin to change colors so slowly that you may not even notice how much dirt is stuck between your tiles. You'll need grout cleaning to get rid of the grime. Our team can remove any built-up dirt and leave behind sparkling white grout.

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